Child Care Super has created SUPERSUPER™, a shop-and-save superannuation program that provides people with a new way to contribute more super, every day, that’s not linked to their income, but instead their expenditure.

The first program of its kind, SUPERSUPER offers cash rewards from participating retailers which are then automatically added to your Child Care Super account – meaning SUPERSUPER can help your employees to grow their super balance every time they shop. Yes shop!

SUPERSUPER is our way of helping to make super fairer and more accessible for all our members, especially women and their families, who are more likely to be disadvantaged by gender pay imbalances and experience unpaid time out from the workforce.

Helping members to financial wellness;

With SUPERSUPER, you can now help your employees achieve financial wellness, rewarding you with a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

It’s been well documented in studies conducted by PwC, that 47% of employees are suffering from financial stress, and employees who are stressed about their finances are less productive and are twice as likely to miss work.1

When you bring SUPERSUPER into the workplace, you’ll help empower your employees to create a more financially secure future for themselves and increase their super awareness.

1. Employee Financial Wellness Survey, May 2018, PwC


As a tool designed to improve the retirement outcomes of our members, SUPERSUPER is working to positively improve the financial wellbeing of employees, which in turn is working to deliver financial benefits to you, as their employer.

Instead of having to go without stuff, your employees can now use SUPERSUPER to automatically receive a super contribution from what they already spend on everyday things like, groceries, petrol, movie tickets (and even stationery), to earn them SUPERSUPER rewards – which is money added directly to their super balance.


We’ve teamed up with a large range of retailers to offer cash rewards that are directly added to a member’s superannuation account. Employees can shop their favourite brands and retire richer just by doing their shopping.

Benefits to employers

SUPERSUPER delivers some great benefits for business too:

  • Reduce employee financial stress and positively impact your business bottom line. It’s a win/win!
  • Be viewed as an employer of choice, who is able to offer greater employee benefits – especially with first home buyers.
  • You can even use SUPERSUPER to pay yourself super directly from your business and personal expenses, without increasing your operational costs.

Benefits to employees

  • Money for jam: After-tax contributions (i.e. your SUPERSUPER rewards) made to super, could result in an extra bonus of up to $500 added to your super account from the Government Co-contribution (GCC) scheme.
  • Chocolate topping on your savings:  Thanks to compound returns, the more you save, the more you earn – which is like getting chocolate sauce on top of your chocolate sauce!
  • Use SUPERSUPER to buy a house:  The Government’s First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) allows first home buyers to save a deposit using their super account. So, SUPERSUPER can be used to help save for a house deposit faster!


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