Summary of Retirement Income Strategy

Section 52(8A) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS Act) requires the Trustee of the Guild Retirement Fund, which includes GuildSuper, Child Care Super and GuildPension to document its Retirement Income Strategy (RIS) and the steps and decisions followed in formulating the Retirement Income Strategy .

The summary below sets out key aspects of our RIS.

The Trustee has several objectives within its RIS. It seeks to assist you to maximise your likely retirement income over the period of retirement while still having flexible access to your funds should you need it. It also aims to help you to manage various risks to your retirement income remaining stable and sustainable, including:

  • longevity risk
  • investment risks
  • inflation risk


The Trustee aims to do this by providing you with the information and support you need to achieve your retirement objectives. You can expect to have access to a range of tools, information and educational material that may include, without limitation:

  • Retirement guides, fact sheets and PDS documents which provide information about the Fund’s retirement product offering.
  • Retirement income estimates for you to use as a guide to potential retirement income amounts.
  • Information on Government assistance which is available to eligible retirees such as the Age Pension, as well as information on other potential sources of income in retirement.
  • Information on how you can maximise income over the period of retirement, manage the expected risks to the sustainability and stability of that retirement income; and have flexible access to funds during the period of retirement.
  • A regular blog that provides you with short summaries of topical issues, helping you engage with your super throughout your working life and as you near and enter retirement.
  • Information on the different types of super contributions, the contribution caps and government assistance that may help you to save for retirement such as the co-contribution scheme.
  • A shop-and-save rewards program which enables you to add to your super each time you shop at participating retailers which count towards your after-tax contributions, thereby increasing your balance at retirement.
  • Links to financial tools and calculators such as Retirement Planner calculator on the Moneysmart website, and information on the ASFA Retirement Standard, and how to use them to identify your income needs in retirement.

While the information to be provided will have a focus on members who are in or approaching retirement, we hope that the information will be useful for members at any stage in life.

The Fund currently offers the following post-retirement products:

  • GuildPension Account-Based Pension (ABP); and
  • Guild Pension Transition to Retirement (TTR).

Members can also leave their lump sum retirement benefit in the Fund on ceasing employment with a participating employer.

The GuildPension account-based pension and transition to retirement pension allows members to create their own investment portfolio using any combination of three investment options available. Each investment option has different return targets and levels of investment risk that provides members with the choice to select a single option or a mixture of options to meet their individual objectives and suit their risk appetite.

This RIS is not ‘set and forget’. The Trustee monitors its progress in implementing this RIS and will review it periodically to ensure it remains the best approach for members of the Fund.

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